Sweet Vegan

Strawberry Babycakes

This recipe is from the Sweet Vegan Valentine eBook – But, what with strawberries and cream being a traditional British treat, it seemed like a fitting post during Wimbledon.  

Pimm’s Cup – The Wimbledon Cocktail

Did you know that at the All England Club, during Wimbledon, over 230,000 glasses of Pimms are served? There are many variations of the Pimm’s Cup so I’ve given you

Veggie Hot Dogs 3 Ways

In the spirit of Canada Day, which I don’t actually care about (but I am ALWAYS up for an excuse to throw a barbecue), I share with you… a few

Canadian Pride Cocktail

I found this cocktail on the LCBO website and I thought I’d share, in the spirit of upcoming Canada Day: To a pitcher, add ½ cup spiced whisky, 1 cup

Spinach Pomegranate Salad

I was thinking that today, this beautifully sweltering, hotmuggy (yes, one word, hotmuggy. Because that’s exactly how it feels. And also I like the way it sounds) day, would be